As a certified speech and language therapist, Cheryl Rowan specializes in providing comprehensive speech-language evaluations and high-quality therapy services to children and adolescents. With a welcoming clinic located in Louisville (about 1 mile from old-town), Cheryl treats clients from Louisville and surrounding areas including Superior, Lafayette, Boulder, Erie, Westminster, as well as other nearby cities.

Is your child:

  • difficult to understand because speech sounds are left off, changed, or incorrect?
  • struggling with expressive language, such as putting thoughts into words that can be understood by others?
  • struggling with receptive language, such as having a hard time following directions or understanding others?
  • challenged to learn new vocabulary or remember the right word?
  • stuttering?
  • struggling with reading?
  • diagnosed with a syndrome, language learning disorder or developmental disorder that impacts speech and language?

Cheryl believes that the family plays an important role in successful therapy. Her practice is unique in that she offers a variety of ways for your family to support the therapy process. You are welcome to:

  • Join your child and Cheryl in the clinic room during our session – you can become an active part of therapy, or
  • Relax in the waiting area, while Cheryl works with your child. Cheryl will chat with you after the session to keep you in the loop on your child’s progress.

Please explore this website to learn more! Contact Cheryl to discuss your specific concerns about your child.